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Edgar Pro – Procedural Level Generator

Edgar is a procedural 2D level generator. It combines a graph-based approach with handmade room templates to give game designers complete control over generated levels.

Graph-based approach

You decide exactly how many rooms you want in a level and how they should be connected, and the generator produces levels that follow exactly that structure. Do you want a boss room at the end of each level? Or a shop room halfway through the level? Everything is possible with the graph-based approach.

Handmade room templates

The appearance of individual rooms is controlled with so-called room templates. These are pre-authored building blocks from which the algorithm chooses when generating a level. They are created with Unity tilemaps, but they can also contain additional game objects such as lights, enemies or chests with loot. You can also assign different room templates to different types of rooms. For example, a spawn room should probably look different than a boss room.

Before you buy

Even though the generator is quite powerful, it is relatively simple to prepare an input that is just too hard to generate. For example, you might have too many rooms/cycles in your level graph, or maybe you have too restrictive room templates. So, if you want to generate complex levels but do not want to invest some time into understanding the core concepts of the generator, this asset is probably not for you.

Key features

Describe the structure of levels with a powerful level graph editor
Control the appearance of rooms with handmade room templates
Easy to customize with custom post-processing logic
Multiple example scenes with different setups of the generator
And much more…

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