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EasyRoads3D Pro Add On – HD Roads

Download EasyRoads3D Pro Add On HD Roads FREE Unity

HD Roads for EasyRoads3D Pro

This pack is an EasyRoads3D Pro Addon with HD content and ready-to-use road type presets and road-related side objects. It was made in co-op between EasyRoads3D and NatureManufacture teams.

All assets are PBR and support Unity 2017, 2018 and Unity 2019, HD SRP & LW SRP. All roads connect in a seamless and natural way to each other out of the box, with options to change connections manually – by default, it’s random from predefined decal types. Connections between roads are natural and made from real-world existing road connections. Texture maps are packed to save GPU and memory usage. Crossroads are made with minimal texture usage, in effect, the whole road system doesn’t take a big amount of memory from your app. With this pack, your roads will get AAA to look.

The road-specific materials work with the free version of EasyRoads3D.

Pack Features:
– different road connections out of the box
– big artistic content library
– packed textures to avoid huge memory usage
– special shaders to keep low memory and GPU usage
– classed road decals set to customize your roads

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