Download EasyExcel FREE Unity. 

EasyExcel is an easy and fast tool for using data from excel in Unity.
It imports excel files, converts each sheet to a ScriptableObject and a C# file.
It provides simple menus and settings, APIs, and full examples.

• As easy as a click
• Support types: int,float,double,bool,string,Arrays,Dictionary,Custom-Type.
• Generate C# class file and data asset file for each sheet
• Use integer or string Key
• Specify Key column for each Sheet
• Easy and flexible settings
• Full examples

Example xlsx files:
The xlsx files in EasyExcel/Example/ExcelFiles shows the formats and rules:
SupportedTypesExample.xlsx: the Sheet SupportedTypes shows the supported types, int float string bool double long and their array.
KeyColumnExample.xlsx: shows specifing the Key column of a Sheet. For example Name:key
MultiSheetsExample.xlsx show multiple sheets
EmptyColumnExample.xlsx show empty column, can be used for writing comments
EmptySheetExample.xlsx show empty sheet, can be used for writing comments

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