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Easy WiFi Controller

Download Easy WiFi Controller FREE Unity. 

Easy WiFi Controller makes using your mobile phone or tablet as a controller a breeze! In the vast majority of cases you don’t have to code anything you can simply drag/drop our client controls and arrange a controller in any layout you wish. Want to utilize the accelerometer or gyro of the phone for a steering wheel or VR limb support? No Problem! With Easy WiFi Controller it’s possible to take any input that your phone supports and utilize it in your game. We utilize WiFi UDP sockets to ensure that linking any phone (or multiple phones) to your game is a snap.

Supported Uses
* Local multiplayer games on big screens
* Great for Ouya, Fire Tv, Nexus Player, etc.
* PC games where you need gyro support
* Save the cost of buying many controllers
* Many more!

* Supports any Android or IOS phone
* Uses UDP to keep latency low
* We automate all the network logic for you
* Flexible Controller layouts
Allows back channel data as well
* Controllers can be animated in your style
* Easily integrate to your existing game