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Easy VHS

Download Easy VHS Free Unity.

Easy VHS is a set of camera effects emulating effects and visual artifacts of CRT television and VHS players.

They look great in retro-style games and can be used whenever you want to add some extra authenticity and old-school aesthetic to your creations.

The pack includes:

VHS Blur:
– Separate blur on different channels creating a unique look
– Emulates the look of VHS recordings
– The amount of blur can be adjusted with sliders

– Effect emulating the look of NTSC signal
– Y, I, Q components of the image can be adjusted with sliders

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  1. Pleaserespondunity4free

    Hi. Can you also make a free version of the asset VHS PRO. Its the most popular retro vhs asset and there is no readon for it to not be on this site. Im going to be very happy if u actualy do that cause i cant pay for the asset cause im under 18 and all of my money is in cash. So i beg you i rly need that asset. Its called VHS PRO i repeat if u forgot. Well i hope you see this and have a great day and i hope you read this

    1. mdazhar007

      Hey mate! first of all, we are glad to hear about how dedicated you are. And we will try to to fulfill your request but we cant promise, hope you understand. Send us the details. We will try to get it…

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