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Easy Touch 5 Touchscreen & Virtual Controls

Download Easy Touch 5 Touchscreen & Virtual Controls FREE Unity. 

EasyTouch allows you to quickly and easily develop actions based on a touchscreen gesture, joystick, button, DPadn TouchPad with EasyTouch controls. New features of Easy Touch 5 allow a better start for beginners

*All major gestures are recognized by EasyTouch such as tap, double-tap, swipe, twist, pinch, multi-touch and more
* C# events * Auto game object selection
* multi-camera
* multi-layer
* Unity UI support
* Built-in PlayerMaker addon
* Joystick
* DPad
* TouchPad
* Button
* Powerful API

EasyTouch 5 new features
Quick Gesture.
Build in add-on for PlayMaker 1.8 (beta)
EasyTouch Controls 2.X
New syntax to use EasyTouch in the Update method.
Add namespace HedgehogTeam.EasyTouch.
Add TV_OS from Unity directive. (Unity 5.3)
Exposes new properties pressure, radius, etc (Unity 5.3)
Unity 5.3.X support multi-touch with Unity Remote and EasyTouch Controls 2.X.