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Easy Template Kit

Download Easy Template Kit FREE Unity.

Easy Template Kit is an easy to use template kit, to kickstart your game project. Please note: This template package requires Game Creator and the Stats module as a minimum requirement to function for Easy Template Kit. The best part? Every additional official module you own will expand the functionality of these templates in the respective scenes.

Multitudes of animations combined with pre-setup Game Creator mechanics, that coupled with the Stats module will allow for the following in either third-person or topdown:
• Run/Crouch/Fly/Swim
• Health, Mana, Stamina Stats
• Basic Melee Combat (Advanced with Melee Module)
• Breakable Objects
• Magic Abilities
• Skill Tree System
• Menus Setup

Included contextual actions (press “F” to do an action):
• Sit, open doors
• Takedowns
• Stealth
• Cover
• Mining/Woodchopping/Fishing

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