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Easy Template Kit – RPG

Easy Template Kit is an easy to use template kit, to kickstart your game project. Tons of new features through custom scripts as well!

With Easy Template Kit – RPG you’ll be able to kickstart your project. Not only is it a solid base for your game, it also adds tons of new features through custom scripting!

This template kit is made for Game Creator 2, and it’s modules. This will not work without! For a full list of dependencies please check the documentation here.


A basic overview of some of the bigger features

Main Menu – including custom scripting for graphic settings, save & load and character customization
Ingame Menu – including inventory, skill system (completely new system), quests, settings and more
New throwing system – allowing you to throw objects; knives, magic, and can be used for bows and much more
Skills System – create all of your skills/abilities, and manage them with ease in a menu
More: Viewcone system, Water system, regrwoing items, breakables, etc.


This asset requires the following: