Easy Roads Mesh Gen

Download Easy Roads Mesh Gen FREE Unity

Create roads and rivers while not the requirement of 3D modelling software!

Easy Roads Mesh info permits for in no time and simple creation of roads and rivers within Unity. it’s simple to use, the easy and arranged interface that improves the advancement.

Just drag the navigation points wherever you would like them and therefore the tool can do the remainder. decide your own texture and apply it on high.

The tool comes with a liberal to use road texture.
This version of the tool doesn’t have a parcel of land morphing feature and doesn’t generate crossroads mechanically.

If you change from an older version, make certain you turn the “Update mode” choice to Automatic, this can greatly improve your editor performance whereas still leaving realtime mesh update.

Detail this asset from Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/easy-roads-mesh-gen-43327

Now download Easy Roads Mesh Gen FREE Unity

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