You are currently viewing Easy Performant Outline 2D | 3D (SRP/LWRP/URP/Default Renderer)

Easy Performant Outline 2D | 3D (SRP/LWRP/URP/Default Renderer)

Download Easy Performant Outline 2D | 3D (SRP/LWRP/URP/Default Renderer) Free Unity. 

⚡ HDRP will be added soon. Last month before the price increase! ⚡

⚠️ This pack doesn’t support unity URP 2D renderer. There is no way to inject custom logic into the rendering process. Will be added as soon as it will be possible.

⚠️ Unity per layer masking is not supported for now. Working on some masking feature but there are no exact time frame.

⚠️ Supports URP/LWRP since 2019.1. Earlier versions might not work due to API changes.

Try the WebGL Demo!

Making outline has never been so easy! With outline you can easily improve your game look and feel creating unique selections/highlights ect. with ease. It works with simple or complex models and can be easily customized by changing parameters and settings.

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