Easy Mesh Combiner MT

Download Easy Mesh Combiner MT FREE Unity. 

Easy Mesh Combiner is a tool that merges all meshes that share the same material in a mesh, greatly reducing Draw Calls, so you can extract great performance from your game. This type of optimization is ideal for Mobile/VR games. You can combine meshes in the Editor or at Runtime.
After combining the meshes of your scene, using the Easy Mesh Combiner, the quality of your textures will remain the same, will not present any type of distortion or low quality.

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Easy Mesh Combiner is EASY to use. All you have to do is to select the GameObjects that contain the meshes that you want to combine, then right click on the selected one and click on “Combine Meshes”, then just combine! You can count on an intuitive interface to do this. You can watch the demo video to better understand the whole process.
Use it to combine the meshes of your environment quickly, through the Editor. After merging the meshes, colliders, and other important components that make up your environment remain. If you need to undo the merge to edit the environment, no problem! Just undo the merge effortlessly! Relax! You can also create prefabs easily after the merge!

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