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Easy Leaderboard (Facebook + PlayFab)

Download Easy Leaderboard Facebook  PlayFab FREE Unity

The purpose of simple Leaderboard is to change the implementation of leaderboards in your game, utilizing 2 services that are abundantly utilized by developers: Facebook and PlayFab.

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Why victimisation simple Leaderboard?
• fast implementation: produce a worldwide leaderboard in your game in an exceedingly matter of minutes;
• Picture: shows the profile image of the players;
• Pagination/incremental search: optimized logic for retrieving PlayFab records in AN progressive way;
• versatile search: you outline what number records are presupposed to be retrieved on every increment;
• Unlimited statistics: handle as several PlayFab statistics as needed;
• UI-independent: the script has no dependency on UI parts, which provides you with additional flexibility and ease to adapt it to your game;
• Earn additional players: unfold your game with Facebook Share!