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Easy Input

Download Easy Input FREE Unity. 

Easy Input makes input handling…well, easy.

With Easy Input, you have access to advanced information like how long a button has been pressed and double-click support for all keys and buttons. You can even setup actions that can be triggered by any number of inputs to simplify game logic.

Not only is it super simple to grab user input information, but it simplifies the process of setting up and supporting a single Xbox controller across platforms too.

Components Include:
* Core classes to manage the input
* Unity InputManager asset (as a zip)
* Sample scene

Features Include:
* Action alias support with multiple inputs
* Action alias support with helpers (ie ‘Alt + T’)
* Ability to change input mappings at run-time
* Xbox controller support for Windows and Mac
* Advanced info for all keys and buttons:
-Time pressed & elapsed ‘pressed’ time
-Time released & elapsed ‘released’ time
* Simple access to mouse states
* Simple access to keyboard states
* Simple access to Xbox controller states
* Complete code base to use as-is or modify
* Simplified setup process

Setting up an Action Alias is super simple. Just add something like this: