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Easy Grid Builder Pro

Easy Grid Builder Pro is the most complete and easy-to-use grid-based building solution for Unity. Easily extendable without a single line of code and support any genre of games 2D & 3D.

Easy Grid Builder Pro is a highly customizable modular grid-based building system that has Built-in support for 2D & 3D games and supports any camera perspective.

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✔️Unique Features

2D & 3D support with Multi-dimensional grids.
Multi-grid support.
Modular Building support with the latest v1.1.0 release.
Set up buildable prefabs in seconds + Auto Pivot & Scale calculation.
Built-in support for switching between controllers.
Build objects vertically with Vertical Grid Levels.
Highly customizable four unique grid visual systems.
Self-updating UI system. Simply drag & drop.
Easily extendable build condition system.

✔️Set up buildable objects within seconds: Auto calculate object Pivot & Scale with one click. Easily Customize and give unique features to individual objects.

✔️Support all types of Object Placements from Modular Houses to Larger Worlds (Grid Cell based placement, Free Area based placement, Grid Cell Edge based placement)