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Easy Flares Pro

Download Easy Flares Pro FREE Unity. 

Note: The beta version is not meant to be running on mobile devices.

The Easy Flares Pro editor-extension allows you to easily generate and render procedural AAA quality lens flares.

Procedural Rendering 
When working with procedural flares, there is no need for any textures. No more blurry and pixelated looking flares.

Style System
Every flare is stored in a separate style file. The style files can be exchanged between designers or easily ported to another project via packages. This way, your flare presets are well organized and reusable.

The interface is designed and optimized for artists. Every flare style is composed by several flare layers. A layer can be hidden, set to solo rendering, or easily duplicated.

Flare Elements
• Lens Dirt (Non-Procedural)
• Lens Ghosts
• Starbursts, Glitters and Streaks
• Glows, Halos and Rings

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