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Easy Complex Save Game

Download Easy Complex Save Game Free Unity. 

Can you remember the days when you decided you wanted to program a game that could be a hit? Most of the time, you know exactly what your game should look like and start therefore also immediately with the development. At some stage you will come to the point where you have to deal with the fundamental concept of storing the data of your users. This looks quite simple in the beginning if you want to save simple texts or positions.

With the time of the development of your game a highly complex data model with polymorphic hierarchies for the storage of the game will be created and from this point on it becomes difficult to store that data model. Then you sit one day, maybe a second and at the end of 3-4 weeks only to store the data properly. That means stress. But much more it means for the development of the actual game the stagnation and gradually it comes to the loss of the motivations to finish the game. So don’t hesitate. Don’t let such fundamental killers seal the future of your game. I know exactly you’re one of the winners! So don’t wait any longer and take your future into your own hands.

+ Polymorphic storing of data is now finally possible
+ Complicated, deep nested and heavily filled data models are a thing of the past
+ Cross platform support
+ Simple and fast integration into your project through a single library
+ Protect your game by encrypting the scores using password
+ Give your savegames individual names and determine where they will be saved
+ Mobile readiness allows the operation of millions of players

These data models can contain lists and dictionaries with complex data types and circular references.

In addition to synchronous save/load, asynchronous load/save is also supported.