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Easy Character Movement 2

Rigidbody-based general purpose character movement.
Capsule-based character collisions.
Full integration with Unity New Input System (but not limited to).
Cinemachine and Bolt integration examples.
Highly configurable and robust, ground and collision detection and response system based on the well-known Collide and Slide algorithm.
Ability to climb high steps (higher than capsule radius), up to character’s height.
Different movement modes and states, like walking, falling, unlimited variable height jump, crouching, sprinting, flying, swimming.
First person, Third person, Agent “base” characters.
Different template scenes (First person, Third person, Side scroller, Top down) for faster startup.
25+ examples including custom input actions, cinemachine integration, first person, third person, character events, bouncers, fly, swim, dash, slide, ladders, and much more!
Developed with extensibility in mind, can be used as it is, extend one of its “base” characters or simply take control of them using controllers such as other scripts or visual scripts (e.g. Bolt).
Physics Volumes, to easy handle water, falling zones, etc. with configurable properties.
Fully configurable friction based movement including water buoyancy!
Root motion support.
Moving platforms without parenting.
Custom gravity and up direction (eg: mario galaxy like).
Full control over how a character is affected (or not) by external forces, platform velocity, platform movement and / or rotation, push other rigidbodies and or characters.
Character events like, GroundHit, MovementHit, Landed, WillLand, Jumped, ReachedJumpApex, etc.
Extensive and configurable collision filtering.
Easy integration into existing projects.
Fully commented C# source code. Clear, readable and easy to modify.
Mobile friendly.
Garbage-Collector friendly.
And much more!


Do I have to use new input system?

No, while ECM2 uses Unity New Input system by default, you can completely ignore it an replace it with any other input system you prefer. ECM2 It include several examples of how to make use of old input system.

Can I use URP/HDRP with ECM2?

Yes, ECM2 doesn’t do any rendering, it’ll work with any render pipeline. The demos are made using the Standard Render Pipeline (built-in), as it’s still the only stable one, and the most common denominator, but you can use any RP you prefer.

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