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Easy Character Movement 2

ECM2 is a powerful character controller, highly customizable and easy to use.

ECM2 has been written from the ground up improving the very capable ECM with a much more robust continuous collision detection system (aka Collide and Slide).

This new Collide And Slide algorithm is capable of detecting and resolving future collisions allowing the character to gracefully traverse the world geometry.

ECM2 sweeps your character’s full capsule collider (not a floating shrinked representation of it) this ensures full contact detection and transparent use of Unity’s OnTriggerXXX OnCollisionXXX functions.

With ECM2 you are in full control of all your character interactions, you can easily decide to ignore a specific collider, prevent / allow pushing other characters, should apply standing downforce?, should your character be affected by external forces? etc.

ECM2 can be used for any kind of character (player or AI controlled) and for a wide range of games like, platformer, first person, third person, adventure, point and click, and more!

ECM2 has been developed with extensibility in mind so you can rest assured it will serve you as a robust platform to build your game and to add your unique game mechanics on top of it.

ECM2 includes 30+ examples, ranging from using the new input system custom actions, PlayerInput component, first person, third person, target lock, twin-sick movement, dash, slide, ladders, Cinemachine, Bolt, and many more! Extensive documentation, and fully commented readable source code.