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E2Chart is a scripting GUI package used to create charts and graphs.

E2Chart (Previously EzChart) has reached version 3.0! With support of more chart types, more features and better runtime performance.

Important notes:

v3.0 is not compatible with previous versions (2.x), some rework is required if you want to upgrade charts in your existing project.
v3.0 will not confilct with v2.x, you can keep both v3.0 and v2.x in the same project if needed (eg. use new features in v3.0 while keep existing v2.x charts unchanged).

Check E2Chart Demo


– Support pie chart, bar chart, line chart, rose chart, radar chart,gauge and solid gauge.

– Lightweight and fast

– Easy to create and modify chart

– Easy to switch between chart types for different visulization purposes

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