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Dynamic Starry Sky

Download Dynamic Starry Sky FREE Unity. 

Create a custom twinkling sky! 

This is a fast single-pass skybox shader that dynamically renders a fully customizable starry sky with animated twinkling stars and moon!

Works on Mobile and Desktop! 

Looking for a complete system solution with day/night cycles, built-in, animations, clouds, and extreme customization? Checkout Sky Studio, our other Unity Asset which is our complete sky sytem solution for Unity.

You can customize:
– Star images
– Moon image
– Density of stars
– Color or stars
– Twinkle speed of stars
– Rotation speed of stars
– Size of stars
– Horizon color
– Sky color
– Adjustable horizon position
– Custom cubemap for background
– 3 adjustable star layers
– HDR color boost, to help stars glow

This skybox shader supports all Unity platforms (Tested on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and HTML5).

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