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Dynamic Mesh Combiner

A powerful tool that seamlessly combines either skinned or regular mesh renderers. It allows for both animated and static output with support for LODs* and dynamic object manipulation.

Dynamic Mesh Combiner will help optimize the performance of all your 3D models while still maintaining visual quality. Whether you’re working on a mobile game, a PC game, or a VR project, Dynamic Mesh Combiner is the ultimate tool for reducing draw calls and improving performance in your Unity project.

To start combining, simply add the ‘MC Mesh Combiner’ component to the root game object and ‘MC Combinable’ or ‘MC LOD Combinable’ (Experimental) to any child renderers that you want to combine. The asset will take care of the rest automatically and will update if the objects are moved!

If you’d like to try out Dynamic Mesh Combiner to see if it’s the right fit for your project, we offer a free demo version that you can try out before purchase: Demo

Works well with these outline assets:

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