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Dynamic Fog & Mist

Download Dynamic Fog & Mist Free Unity. 

NEW! Now with Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP) support.

Dynamic Fog & Mist is a fast, flexible and great looking fog package optimized for desktop, mobile and VR.

• A camera script/full-screen image post-processing effect that adds live, moving Fog, Mist and Sky Haze to your scenes making them less dull and boring.

• Unity Post-Processing Stack v2 extensions so you can manage Dynamic Fog & Mist effects as part of the stack. This option is also compatible with LWRP.

• A collection of optional fog materials with optimized shaders that integrate the fog effect. They are an even faster alternative to the full screen image effect and best suitable for older mobile devices.

• An optimized fog of war prefab for top-down view, optimized for mobile

• 7 demo scenes including a simple game prototype, which uses the fog materials and run very fast on mobile (+60 fps on modern devices).

** Image effect features **
The image effect comes with 6 configuration presets for quick setup & run: mist, windy mist, fog, ground fog, heavy fog and sand storm.
Simply add the main script to your camera and customize the effect.

You can also choose the shader variation (7 variations included) and customize height and distance of the fog, fall-offs, color, noise amount, turbulence, alpha, wind speed and direction, sky haze, …

Dynamic Fog & Mist includes fog variants which are not prone to depth limitations and allows fog to surround you even when looking to the sky.

– Render Scale: reduce render target size to boost performance. Good for mobile where pixel density is very high.

– Fog Volumes: to gracefully adjust the fog and sky haze alpha and colors on certain zones automatically, for instance, to hide fog under water, to make it appear when player enters special areas or for whatever reason you need to adjust its transparency/color automatically on certain locations.