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Dynamic Fog Mist 2

Download Dynamic Fog Mist 2 Free Unity. 

NEW! Now with Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP) support.

Dynamic Fog & Mist 2 is a fast, flexible and great looking fog package optimized for desktop, mobile and VR.

This bundle contains 2 versions of the asset, for built-in and URP pipelines.

The URP version includes:
• A flexible, volume-based, dynamic fog + fog of war system with animated, live, moving fog that can extend from ground to sky making your horizon and scene look great.

The built-in version includes:
• A camera script/full-screen image post-processing effect.
• A collection of optional fog materials with optimized shaders that integrate the fog effect. They are an even faster alternative to the full screen image effect and best suitable for older mobile devices.
• An optimized fog of war prefab for top-down view, optimized for mobile.

Both versions come with:
– Fog Profiles: create, reuse and share fog settings.
– Day/night cycle: assign a directional light or Sun gameobject to the fog inspector and the fog color will be influenced by the current day light.
– Fog of War, including a demo scene shows how to clear any number of zones from fog.
– Gradient colors: a secondary color can be chosen to create artistic/gradient fog effects.
– Directional light scattering effect when looking at the Sun through the fog.
– Perspective and orthographic camera support.
– VR: Multi-Pass, Single Pass Stereo and Single Pass Instanced support.