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Dynamic Effects for Stylized Water 2 (Extension)

Extends the Stylized Water 2 asset with a framework to add dynamic and interactive effects, such as ripples, wakes and shore waves.


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Unlock the full potential to liven up water surfaces with localized effects, that respond to your creativity, to both enhance environments and support gameplay feedback.

Dynamic Effects are regular scene objects like meshes, particles, lines and trails but use a specialized shader that makes them project onto the water surface.

You can place them anywhere and in anyway, and they can add (vertical) displacement and/or surface foam, which allows for a variety of effects to be created.

This extension for Stylized Water 2 adds a rendering framework, but also aims to offer and further develop pre-built effects using it.

Fully compatible with the Underwater Rendering extension (v1.1.0+).

???? Features:

• Utilize particle effects and trails to push the water up and/or add surface foam.

• Recalculated normals, meaning effects properly influence the water’s shading.

???? Includes premade:

• Beach shoreline wave effect

• Boat wake effect (Trail & Particle based)

• Ripple trail effect (eg. swimming character)

• Impact ripple effect (eg. object dropped in water)

• Rain drops

• Wind gust

• Waterfall impact ripples

• Directional ripples