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Dwarven Expedition Pack

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High quality, modular dungeon, art package for AAA games. Complete modularity! Little to no photo source material. Most textures are made using Substance Designer. Assets are well optimized as 4k atlases make it light for GPU and memory while the prefabs are designed for Interior purposes and work well with occlusion culling, can be used for mobile.


This pack is compatible with most versions of Unity up to 2020 and higher. The main pipeline used is the Standard Shader, Metalness workflow with merged maps, supports instantiating: (Metalic Shader: Albedo (RGB) // Metalic (R) Ambient Occlusion (G) Smoothness (A) // Normal (RGB)). This configuration makes the assets compatible with URP and HDRP.

To install URP/HDRP simply make a new project and choose a new template, then import a custom package and choose one of the two packages in the SRP support folder that fits your project workflow.

(To access the SRP packs, download using Unity version: 2020.1.3f1 or higher)

Features and version updates:

• Updates V 1.1

• Minor texture improvements

• Minor bug fixes

• Added SRP: URP/HDRP support packs

• New URP grass coverage shader (editable Amplify shader)

• Features

• Inside specific pack with small outside scene
• PBR materials and 4k texture atlases, light for gpu and memory
• Modular rocks and cliffs with detailed texture material mix
• 295 prefabs total (optimized meshes, merge prefabs and more)
• 226 models
• A variety of ground and wall tiles, more than 15 tiles with variations
• 3 Extra texture tiles for detail overlays over other maps
• 7 Example scenes with full dungeon interior and exterior

Polycount and texture specifications:

• Triangle count LOD0


– DungeonStructureHead: 3158 triangles
– DungeonStructureTower: 426 triangles
– DungeonStructureTunnelN_Arch: 1522 triangles
– StoneArch: 5186 triangles
– PillarA2: 732 triangles
– PillarA: 1166 triangles
– PillarB: 2214 triangles
– StaircaseMergedA1: 8186 triangles
– StaircaseMergedA2_WallPartA: 3395 triangles
– StaircaseMergedB: 6569 triangles
– StaircaseMergedA_TilePartA: 5091 triangles
– StaircaseMergedB_TilePart: 2545 triangles
– StaircaseBricks (9 models): 1406 total triangles
– DunngeonTunnels + TunnelN_Arch: over 1500 triangles
– Simple tunnels: around 15 triangles
– SuportBeams (4 models): 849 highest, 252 lowest, 1725 total triangles

Decoration and props:

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