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Dungeons & Castles

Download Dungeons & Castles FREE Unity. 

Dungeons&Castles is a kit designed to help you build any type of Dungeon/Castle/Interior’s of a castle/Stone Village for your game with ease.

You can build levels for First-person view/Third person view/Isometric view.

The package includes 248 prefabs, almost all provided with 4 stages of LOD’S and easy connection system, subdivided in :

– Castle’s modular parts (included destructible variants of the prefab)
– Interior’s of a castle (walls, rooms, hallways etc)
– Dungeon’s modular parts
– Props

The modular pieces are the core of the kit, built in a modular fashion, each piece can be attached to another, allowing the construction of a very large underground level or outdoor Castle level in a matter of minutes.