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Dungeon Audio Kit – Medieval Fantasy (Music+Ambience+FX)

Download Dungeon Audio Kit – Medieval Fantasy (Music+Ambience+FX) Free Unity. 

Dungeon Audio Kit is a handy solution for any kind of dungeon based games or apps. It contains 168 high quality files: music loops, ambient loops and various most needed SFX, in MP3 format ready to use.
Warning: Every sound has been properly ARRANGED WITH REVERBERATIONS AND ECHOES to simulate the sound inside different underground locations. If you prefer a “raw” fantasy audio work, you may better choose: Medieval Fantasy Audio Bundle or Medieval Fantasy 2 AB.

Sound demos at Soundcloud: Full Mix, Music, Ambience

Whether if you are creating an RPG with enemies in dark caverns or an action pixel-art dungeon crawler, this kit will help you to cover its audio development quickly and efficiently.

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