You are currently viewing DSRC – Track01 – Mobile & PC (Standard)

DSRC – Track01 – Mobile & PC (Standard)

HDRP version is also available with this asset,

You can download it by following this link.

AAA Racetrack for desktop & console platforms.

Pack Details:

•Shaders – Most of the shaders included in this project have been made with Amplify shader editor.


•Car – Main car has about 19,000 tris. It also comes with easy to customizable textures where you can add your own logos and names on the car.


•Grandstands – Track has 4 grandstands, 1 main grandstand and a pit building. They are highly detailed, most of the stands are above 10k tris but well optimised. They share material and LOD – Grouped to save performance.


•Base track – The base track is about 200,000 tris. It has been split into multiple sections and LOD – Grouped to save polycount on each frame


•Props – Props are highly detailed, usually their poly averages at 1k. Every prop is Lod – grouped to keep the polycount low on far distance. They have also been atlased save draw calls. Props such as Extinguisher, T2_PitWalls, Trolleys, Tire_warmers, Generator, MarshallRoom, Pitstop Equipment, SpeedSigns, camhuts, Parking vehicles and track lights.