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This pack no doubt is the ultimate spline solution for any game. Build or create plus edit splines, follow paths, generate meshes, control particles, edit terrains and much more with just a few clicks (or lines of code). It is an efficient and lightweight package which will aid your gameplay and level design needs and save you tons of time.

Key features:
– Editor and Runtime spline creation
– Hermite, Bezier, B-Spline and Linear splines
– Follow with constant speed
– Mesh generation
– Object and particle control
– Spline projection
– Mobile friendly
– Procedural primitives and preset saving
– Junctions
– Import & Export functionality
– Morph states
– Multithreading
– Easily expandable functionality
– Extensive API documentation and User manual.

It is a battle-tested product, used by hundreds of developers in the making of various games. It is constantly worked on and new versions are released monthly. Dreamteck Splines offers an extensive collection of highly configurable tools and components which work both in runtime and in the editor. This plugin has a guaranteed great performance and clean execution.

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