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Dreamscapes are the most unique and large assortment or collection of dream environment assets for making large exterior scenes or environments. From tiny areas to large exterior environments, you’ll notice everything you wish during this package.

The package contains some of models and textures that may be used with Unity’s parcel of the land system, and therefore the inbuilt tree generator. you’ll be able to produce your own trees and bushes with the provided base textures and materials, the chances are limitless.

Three demo scenes also are enclosed, to assist with fixing lighting and colours for your own scenes. every scene is formed to showcase the flexibility of the provided assets, however, the chances don’t stop there. you’ll be able to simply produce your own dreamy wanting locations.

List of assets:
– two mountain sprites
– three skyboxes
– seven crystals – lowpoly
– seven bushes – simply editable!
– ten grass textures – simply adjustable, you’ll be able to color them within the editor!
– fifteen trees – simply editable!
– thirteen ground textures – with normals, and a few grass and dust variations
– twenty-two rocks – low-poly models, together with traditional maps and three color variations for each!