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Dreamscape Nature: Meadows

Download Dreamscape Nature Meadows Free Unity. 

A large collection of AAA quality assets to build next-gen open world stylized environments.

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A large collection of AAA quality assets to build next-gen open-world stylized environments

Check out some gifs to see it in action: GIFs

Featuring close to 100 high-quality meshes, this stylized environment pack is optimized for all platforms, including large-scale open-world games. Check out the animated GIFs and Trailer to get a better taste.


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Optimized for all platforms and URP

✔ Standard RP – Unity 2019.2+

✔ Universal RP – Unity 2019.3+


✔ Vegetation Studio Pro

✔ Nature Renderer

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• High-quality low poly optimized foliage with a distinct stylized look.

• Suitable for open-world games.

• ~100 prefabs.

• Highly optimized material workflow using master materials and material instances with fully customizable parameters and color palettes.

• Distant terrain meshes with slope-based auto materials for blending with the terrain.

• Customizable stylized water shaders( Lake, River, Waterfall) with reflection, refraction, and wave mesh deformation.

• Stylized particle effects.

• 2x2Km Demo scene included

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