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DreamOS – Complete OS UI

Download DreamOS – Complete OS UI FREE Unity

DreamOS is a complete UI pack for Unity that allows you to create stunning in-game operating system interface(s). Everything you see is included in the package and fully customizable.

Want to create an advanced in-game operating system for your game or app? Well, we got you covered. With this package, you’ll able to create good looking devices easily.

• Clean Design

Featuring a minimalistic and clean looking design.

• Theme Manager

Instead of changing things one by one, you change the whole look of your UI within seconds by using Theme Manager.

• Fully Customizable

You can add or change almost everything within Unity, no need to deal with code or external tools.

• Demo Scenes

Includes two ready to use demo scenes; Desktop and World Space.

• Smooth Animations

Comes with a set of smooth pre-made animations which can be edited within Unity.

• Functional Apps

There are 12 different apps for all your needs, from messaging to music player. More on the way!

• User Creation

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