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Draw XXL is an extensive set of visual debugging and development tools.

Draw XXL is an extensive set of visual debugging and development tools. It can be used as components without any code or like debug lines as one-line-calls from anywhere in your code.

Whether you are just looking to increase your options from Unitys limited Debug.DrawLine(), learn some more about the Game Engine by visualizing basics like quaternion and euler rotations or boost your productivity with charts or physics visualization: Draw XXL got it covered.

Works in Edit Mode, Play Mode and in builds.
Can draw as gizmo lines, debug lines, handles lines or as mesh.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions: Support via email or Discord.
Full C# source code included.
See also the manual and the API documentation

Extending Unitys debug lines:

Adjust width, choose line style, animate…

Draw Text:

Draw text to your scene as easy as using Debug.DrawLine().
Every debug line, position or shape can have a text tag.
Tag your GameObjects with custom notes or console logs.
Draw whole arrays or lists straight from Update().

Draw Shapes:

Wide range of shapes: From simple basics like cubes, spheres and capsules to more complex ones like extruding 2D shapes.
Multiple API function overloads per shape how the shapes can be constructed.
More than 100 icons.

Visualize Game Engine Basics:

Bool traffic lights that signal code states.
Analyze quaternion and euler rotation.
Draw dot product and cross product calculations.
Draw world grid and local spaces grid.
Draw bounds, scale, camera frustum, …

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