DoozyUI: Complete UI Management System

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DoozyUI is no doubt the remarkable and the most complete UI management system for Unity. It manipulates native Unity parts and takes full advantage of their supposed usage. This assures most compatibility with uGUI, best performance and makes the whole system have a certain behaviour. Also, by operating solely with native parts, the system is going to be compatible with the other plus that uses uGUI properly.

Easy to use and perceive, given the user has some basic data of however Unity’s native UI answer (uGUI) works, DoozyUI has versatile parts that may be organized in a very heap of the way. practicality and style go hand in hand so as to supply nice user expertise (UX) whereas exploitation the system.

Artists and designers can understand their artistic vision while not committal to writing by making blazing quick user interfaces with any animations they will imagine.

Programmers can add a robust UI management system to their tool case that may be interfaced with scripts or used aboard Playmaker for a code-free UI answer.

It comes with Associate in Nursing UI Animator System that uses math-based tweens making reliable resolution freelance animations and an Orientation Manager that enables anyone to make reads for each portrait and landscape modes and not got to worry concerning that view ought to move.

Eases the usage of Particle Systems at intervals the UI layers and encompasses fast progress for making modal windows, named UI Notifications.

It supports all platforms and is extensively optimized to reduce its memory usage. Full C# ASCII text file, dedicated support and YouTube tutorials are out there to assist anyone to perceive so master the system.


– Use native uGUI

– straightforward to find out. Intuitive style

– Advanced Editor integration

– UIAnimator

– UI Navigation

– UI Effects (make ParticleSystems work with the UI)

– UI notifications

– UI Triggers (zero code option)

– SceneLoader

– OrientationManager

– Supports all platforms

– Resolution freelance

– Mobile friendly

– Comes with full C# ASCII text file

– Dedicated support

– Tutorials on our YouTube Channel

:: fast Setup!

Setup is improbably quick and simple, simply plug and play. Intuitive controls mean quick tweaks and best progress, thus you have got longer for the vital stuff.

:: Resolution Independent!

The UI Animator calculates all the resolution and ratio changes and adjusts the animations consequently. attributable to this all the animations look and feel identical in each Landscape and Portrait Modes.

:: Orientation Manager

The Orientation Manager handles any device orientation changes by showing the right UIElement that was created specifically for either LANDSCAPE and/or PORTRAIT orientation.

:: Save Time!

Save your animations and cargo them in different comes. (asset files)

:: No committal to writing Needed!

Autonomous UI Navigation System that handles: the ‘Back’ button, Toggle Game Pause/Unpause, Toggle Sound and Music ON/OFF and Application.Quit. Powerful & versatile event-driven script for no-code management of UI components, UI Buttons, UI Notifications, UI Triggers and Scene Loader.

:: Fun!

Create all types of animations live Mode, save them and use them in any project. (with DoozyUI)

:: UI Effects!

Use particle systems within the UI to make distinctive styles.

:: Easy!

Create intuitive menus while not writing one line of code with an application


:: Total Control!

Fine-tune all the animations settings from timings, to delays, to ease functions.

:: third Party Integrations


Master Audio


TextMesh professional

want more? – send asking 😉

Supports all export platforms with the glorious performance for mobile games.

As game devs ourselves, we have a tendency to are dedicated to repeatedly up and increasing DoozyUI, supported everyone’s feedback, and providing top-notch support.

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Now download DoozyUI: Complete UI Management System FREE Unity

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