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Doozy UI Manager

Download Doozy UI Manager Free Unity. 

Doozy UI Manager manipulates components that work on the Unity UI framework (UGUI), while using custom editors made with the editor UIElements framework. It also comes with numerous pre-configured components that are ready to use.

You can now design your UI in a visual way with the UIMenu. A designer’s dream, UIMenu is a visual prefab management system for Unity that allows adding prefabs to the Scene with a single click, directly in the Unity Editor. Adding new elements to the menu is easy, with only a few clicks and without writing a single line of code.

Reactor is a value animator engine specially designed to help animate UI properties and is responsible for running all the animations. Reactor allows the setting of custom animation FPS to optimize the number of calculations per second and save battery life on the target device. It is preconfigured to work as low as 1 FPS and can ramp up to 20, 24, 30, 60, 90, 120 and MAX FPS.

Signals is a universal messaging system, responsible for binding all the systems together by providing a communications infrastructure between them. Live runtime consoles named Streams Console and Signals Console make debugging Signals easy, as they allow for real-time visualization of all the live streams created at runtime and of all the signals as they are being sent.

Nody is a visual flow graph solution designed to create, visualize and manage UI navigation flows. It provides the necessary tools (nodes) to manipulate and manage the UI flows. By taking a visual approach in designing UI flows, allowing for complex UI structures to be managed without the need of writing code.

EditorUI is a set of editor UIElements components designed to create custom editors. It is responsible for all the editors that Doozy UI Manager uses.

Use native uGUI
Native Editor Integration
Node Graph UI Navigation Flow
Supports all platforms
Resolution Independent
Mobile friendly
In-Editor Documentation Links
Searchable Documentation
Clean Code. Easy to understand, modify and test.
Full C# source code is provided

:: Quick Setup – setup is incredibly fast and easy, just plug and play. Intuitive controls mean fast tweaks and optimal workflow, so you have more time for the important stuff.

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