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Download Doors+ Free Unity. 

Doors+ is an asset to manage each and every one of the doors and windows in your game! It’s intuitive, works ‘out-of-the-box’ and is highly flexible. There is no coding required, the set-up is minimal and the tool is feature-rich while staying light-weight and dynamic.

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Sliding doors!

• Physical rotations
• Custom rotation angles
• Change door behavior over time
• Custom rotation speeds based on animation curves
• Trigger zones using numerous player requirements
• Single, looped and swing rotations
• Custom door sounds
• Reset on leave
• Third party door support
• Native UI/UX design
• Extensive documentation
• Demo scene
• Source code access
• Easy setup

• Physical rotations: All doors are physically rotated. This method combines the flexibility of physical rotations with the fluidity of animated rotations.

• Custom rotation angles: You can exactly choose at what angles your doors have to rotate.

• Change door behavior over time: Using the rotation timeline, you can let the behavior of a door change over time. You can combine several rotations and let them play chronologically.

• Custom rotation speeds based on animation curves: The speed variable is based on an animation curve so you can have custom, smooth rotations.

• Trigger zones using numerous player requirements: Trigger zones in your scene control where the player has to stand in order to open the door and what requirements the player has to meet.

• Single, looped and swing rotations: You can rotate the door once, several times or even use a custom ‘swing’ mode that’s used in games like Fortnite or Dishonored.

• Custom door sounds: You can assign custom sounds for every door state. Opening, opened, locked, closing, closed,…