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DLSS – Upscaling for Unity

Optimize and increase your framerate with DLSS! DLSS does its magic by upscaling lower-resolution input to generate high-quality frames. This boosts performance with close to no quality loss!

Boost your frames with DLSS Upscaling for Unity!

DLSS is an upscaling technique, creating high quality and resolution frames based on lower resolution input. By using this, your project can run in a drastically lower resolution without losing visual quality and increasing the framerate!

If your project is limited by GPU performance, DLSS will give you a higher framerate. If a project is limited by CPU performance, all it will do is make the GPU workload lower. While this may seem like a big limitation, it also means a laptop will use way less battery power when using DLSS!

Easy to use

Simply drag our DLSS component on your camera and you’re all set to go!

Both Built-in and URP are a simple drag and drop.

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