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Download Distingo Free Unity. 

Distingo is a shader package that will give you more control over your terrain textures.

You will have dynamic access to a number of attributes for each texture used in your terrain.

There is a near and far UV multiplier to help reduce tiling in your terrain textures. This is also controlled by a master near and far cut off giving you even more control. You can even have the terrain render the cut off values so you can see how they graduate over distance.

The ability to increase the power of the normal maps, this can result in stronger lighting effects on your terrain textures.

Apply occlusion maps to texture layers and also use a slider to control how much to occlude.

Directly alter the smoothness and metallic attributes of the textures too.

A brightness multiplier can be added to each texture channel should you want to make a given texture channel lighter.

You can also apply a blend texture to the entire terrain, this can be used for example with a flow map to accentuate water flow on the terrain.

With the blend texture mode you can also apply a global occlusion map too.

Now supports Mesh Terrains!

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