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Dissolve FX Lite

Key Features:

Utilizes standard Unity property names: Easily replace Unity lit shaders with the new dissolve shaders. (in URP and Built-In)
Built using Shader Graph: Easy integration into custom Shader Graphs with an easy-to-use subgraph library
Dissolver script: Control the effects without coding.
Example assets: A lot of demo scenes with 70+ materials
Position displacement functions: Add extra depth to your effects with vertex displacement
UV Mapping Options: Choose between triplanar UVs or use custom UV channel for seamless integration with any mesh
Flow Maps: Use special textures to simulate motion on material surfaces like water flow or swirling patterns
Custom Guides: Control and direct shader effects more precisely with user-defined patterns
Texture Library: A collection of 90 different textures, including noises, patterns, and flow maps, to add varied visual effects and details to your materials.
Back Face Color: Render different colors on the back faces of objects
Shader keywords for optimized performance
2D and Decals support

Get more information about the asset: documentation.

The asset supports Unity 2021 and above, including all rendering pipelines.

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