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Dissolve FX Lite

A comprehensive solution for creating in-game effects like materialization, dissolution, death, and more. Choose from a variety of ready-to-use shaders, or seamlessly integrate them into your own.

Dissolve FX is a powerful set of shaders for creating dynamic and customizable dissolve and materialize effects, with a variety of features and options to improve the visual quality of your games.

Consider the Dissolve FX: Master Kit for VFX graph integration, featuring a vast array of dissolve, materialize, and morphing particle effects.

If you already own Dissolve FX Lite, you can upgrade to the Master Kit for $15!

Choose from three dissolve options:

Standard: dissolve an object entirely with a pattern. Performant method, suitable for many use cases.
Burn: emulates burning effects by dissolving on an axis in object or world space.
Custom: similar to burn dissolve, it provides more properties and features for customization.

The asset provides a library of procedural patterns and noises that can be used to create unique and stunning dissolve effects. It enables you to experiment with different visual styles and generate visually appealing results.

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