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Disperse Pixels

Download Disperse Pixels FREE Unity. 

Real-time demos:
Windows EXE; Android APK
Video demo (YouTube)
Forum threadDisperse Pixels creates a visual effect of disintegrating or materializing a mesh, sprite, UI image or UI text into/from hundreds to thousands of particles via the built-in particle system. Just parent the script prefab to the target renderer object and you are good to go.

Styles of the dispersing effect include pixelated, sandy and cloudy (with variant designed for ghostly teleport/blink). There are 21 prefabs in total and the manual details how to customize your own disperse effect.

Level of detail of the target mesh is irrelevant. Sprite, high-polygon and low-polygon meshes work fine. It does not involve tessellation. Also, there are mobile-optimized variants.

The package also comes with 13 sound effect clips in 44khz sampling rate stereo, matching the preset effects as shown in the demos.

Before you buy:
• All demos use “linear” color space, but this asset works in “gamma” as well.
• Works in both deferred and forward renderings.
• Music not included.

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