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Dialogue Speaker

Download Dialogue Speaker Free Unity. 

An insanely light and simple dialogue system that prints out subtitles runs your custom methods, pauses and resumes the dialogues accurately, and even adds a room of breath between the audios for immersion. Useful for cutscenes, in-game dialogue, monologues, and more.

From one person talking to several characters, whether in a certain cutscene or during actual gameplay, Dialogue Speaker will come in handy and make it easier for you to play your audios and more!

This system is highly performant and works perfectly well on mobiles.

You can choose to turn on/off the subtitles or any other of the properties dynamically and at any given time. You can even style your subtitles as it’s based on TextMeshPro.

You have the ability to attach any script you want to the Dialogue, thus, you can talk to the animator, other scripts, sprites, materials, lights, literally anything you want when a certain dialogue plays.