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Dialogue and Quests

Dialogue and Quests is an event system that allow to define branching dialogues, conditional events and quests directly from the Unity inspector.
Define triggers, add conditions and different effects, add dialogues, and have choices in those dialogues impact future events in the game.

-Branching dialogues with choices
-Event triggers (interact with NPC, enter region, or by script…)
-Conditions that can be added to events or dialogues (predefined or call your own function)
-Effects that can be added to events or dialogues (predefined or call your own function)
-NPC relations (increase a NPC relation to change how they react to you)
-Animated portraits
-Quests status, and quests panel.
-Create various events (ex: spawn enemies when player enter a region).
-Customizable effects and conditions (easy way to link your own code)
-Mouse and keyboard controls
-Integration with InControl (for gamepad controls)
-No scripting required (unless you want to use custom triggers/effects/conditions)

How is this asset different from other similar assets?

Pros: Lightweight and Unity-like.
-This asset works directly from the Unity Inspector, without relying on custom editor GUI.
-This reduces considerably the number of scripts, which make it way easier and faster to read, understand and customize the code.
-It takes advantage of Unity GameObjects and ScriptableObjects, so that you can keep using Unity the way it’s supposed to be.
-It’s easier to copy/duplicate dialogues or entire dialogue trees, because they are regular GameObjects in the scene.
-No need to add hundred of scripts to your project just for a dialogue and quests system. Keep it simple!

Cons: If you are looking for a visual asset with GUI nodes, or with a lot of complex features and integrations, there are other alternatives on the store.

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