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DETAILED – Medieval Village

Download DETAILED – Medieval Village Free Unity. 

Astrofish Games Presents –
The DETAILED – Medieval Village + [NEW]BLOCKOUT – Medieval Castle

A high detailed, modular, Medieval Fantasy Village environment kit.
As part of our DETAILED Environment Series.

With this pack you can: Forge your own bespoke buildings, design villages and blast down the foundations for a fantasy game fit for the current generation!

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Full PBR textures. Pack designed for exteriors, can be used for interiors too!
This pack uses Standard Unity and only the Standard shader

This pack includes modular: Building, ground, prop, foliage prefabs and x3 demo scenes. We have also helped you get started by including pre-made building layers and full buildings.

All assets in the trailer and screenshots are included in the pack.

Key Features –
Models (x 200)
– Walls
– Roofs
– Windows
– Doors
– Fences
– Extensions
– Bridge
– Chimneys
– Platforms
– Iron fixtures
– Ground rocks
– Small foliage set

Building Layer Prefabs (x 50)
– Various levels and functional extensions

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