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Destroyed Building Kit

This kit will be your go to tool for creating a wide variety of buildings and structures ranging from intact buildings to completely destroyed piles of twisted rebar and concrete.

Every part is fully modular and grid oriented with easily interchangeable parts for fine tuning.

Vertex paint is used to add realistic damage and grime variations.

All models are optimized to run on current hardware and are very light polycount wise with additional vertices added for vertex painting.

This detailed set holds up both up close and from afar. So it will look great in whichever project you’re working on, whether it is a shooter, a simulator or even isometric strategy.


• Please install .unitypackage from HDRP&URP folder to fix pink materials in HDRP/URP versions

• Please install Polybrush Package from Package Manager to get Vertex Paint working

Tutorial Video

• Works with Deferred / Forward and HDRP & LWRP rendering

• 500+ Models

• 18 Matching rubble piles

• 21 Custom PBR shader / Material

• 5 Types of window trims

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