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Design Patterns for Game Programming

Design Patterns for Game Programming Free Download. 

An exploration of robust modularised code building for games with Unity 2019 and C#.

What you’ll learn

Design Patterns for Game Programming Course

  • How to create robust, reusable modularised code for use in games programming.
  • How to implement repeatable solutions to address common game programming problems.


  • Be able to program in C#.
  • Have used the Unity Game Engine at a Basic Level.


Want to create code that is robust, optimized and reusable? Then you need to learn about programming design patterns.

Game Programming Design Patterns are templates for building modularized code that are generally a repeatable solution to a commonly occurring mechanic applied in computer games. They are general solutions that aren’t tied to a particular problem making them reusable. One such pattern is that of object pooling. Whether a game needs an onslaught of constantly spawning zombies or bullets fired from a gun or asteroids to pummel the player’s spaceship, an object pool is a group of classes that can be reused, exactly as they are, across not only these scenarios but a plethora of others whenever game objects need a spawn manager.