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Deep Desert – Micro Biome

The Deep Desert Content Pack is a collection of desert terrain textures and assets that allows you to build a desert scene in minutes. Gaia and GeNa Pro spawners & biomes included!

A complete desert terrain with just a few clicks!

This package contains 14 desert-themed terrain textures and a collection of rock and vegetation assets to create rocky and sandy deserts on any terrain shape.

This package also contains ready-made spawner configurations for Gaia Pro 2021 and GeNa Pro to make it easy gast to set up entire levels with a few clicks.

Sample Work Flow:

Here is a example work flow for how you would create or enhance your scene with the Deep Desert Content Pack.

1. Create your terrain with Gaia Pro 2021

2. Fill your scene with GeNa Pro:

Manually place villages, campfires and rock clusters with a click
Add rivers and roads and even whole streets along splines with GeNa Pro
Add a wide range of props all perfectly placed with more clicks
Paint in Trees, bushes, small rocks, and other small detail asset
3.  Finalize & optimize your scene with Gaia Pro

Please note, steps 1 & 3 are optional and can either be omitted completely or done with your existing tool of choice. GeNa Pro works with both mesh terrain and Unity terrain.

2 Different Art Styles

The pack comes with assets in 2 different art styles – stylised and detailed. Choose the art style that best fits your project.

All Render Pipelines Supported!

The pack can be used in all render pipelines via the render pipeline material update process, but also contains special SRP support packages to utilize the Gaia shaders to support Gaia shader features like wind movement (Gaia required).

Required Assets:

The Deep Desert Content Pack is a standalone pack. What this means is that you can just use the assets contained in the pack as you would in any other asset pack, place terrain textures on the terrain, and then manually drag and drop the prefabs in the scene to design your level.

However if you additionally own Gaia and GeNa then you will benefit greatly from the spawner settings contained in this pack.

Gaia Pro 2021 – Awards 2020 Winner – Best Artistic Tool.

GeNa Pro – Awards 2018 Finalist (GeNa) – Best Artistic Tool.

Please Note:

The scenes shown in the trailer and in the screenshots were created for illustrative purposes, but those are not part of the pack. The pack does come with basic demo scenes to showcase the included assets in the built-in render pipeline.

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