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Debugging Essentials

* Compatible with Unity 2017.x , 2018.x, 2019.x and 2020.x.
* Works with >.Net 2.0, Mono, IL2CPP and ECS DOTS (Optional).
* Works with Native Rendering, URP and HDRP.
* Supports all platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, WebGL, etc).
* Can be used in Editor and Build.
* Source code included.

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As lead programmer of our game D.R.O.N.E., with only 6 devs, I’m responsible for most core-coding including the network-code which I created from scratch. Our game is an arena shooter/builder multiplayer and we release it step by step through Steam Early Access. We are using our own Peer2Peer network architecture with instant host-migration in conjunction with Steam’s free relay networking.

I had a tough time dealing with our community’s reported bugs and issues where standard build-in tools weren’t enough.

Debugging Essentials contains 5 crucial tools which will save you tons of time needed for coding while avoiding debugging headaches, making developing a lot more enjoyable!

How often did it happen to you? You’re in play mode or in your build and you run into this particular issue/bug. What’s happening?? Ah I need to look at the state of these variables…Eh not possible without a restart => debug or attach => recompile => play or rebuild => reproduce => etc…There goes your time…

E.g. I was dealing with some very tricky networking/host migration bugs and was losing a lot of time making new offline test builds. Until I had enough…What if you could just easily navigate/search and deep inspect any little non-exposed variable at any moment in time?

This saved me tons of my time while making debugging a lot more enjoyable:

Runtime Hierarchy Window
* NOTHING is hidden and EVERYTHING is selectable at any moment in real-time.
* Search/navigate through all your Scenes.
* Search/navigate all Assemblies with their classes and real-time static values sorted in categories.
* Make/search and compare memory snapshots which get sorted by type and category.
* Multiple search conditions on name/type with intuitive search display modes.
* Disable/Enable/Delete/Duplicate any GameObject and Enable/Disable any component to e.g. test performance in a build.
* ScrollView culling, can handle thousands of objects.

Runtime Deep Inspector
* NOTHING is hidden and EVERYTHING is inspectable at any moment in real-time.
* Inspect ALL members (fields/properties/methods) on any Assembly- and Memory Object/GameObject/Component/Class/Struct, etc
* Deep Inspect ECS (DOTS).
* Deep Inspect inside Arrays, Lists, Queues, Dictionaries, HashSets, etc.
* Deep Inspect into unlimited levels.
* Filter based on Fields, Properties, Methods, Inherited, Declared, Static, Instance, Public, Private and Protected.
* Change primitive values.
* Execute methods with primitive arguments.
* Multiple search conditions on name/type with intuitive search display modes.
* Deep search into multiple levels.
* ScrollView culling, can handle thousands of members.

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