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Debug.Log Extensions

Enhance the Debug class with numerous improvements that can greatly improve readability of the Console view and save a lot of time by enabling more compact debugging code to be used.

Enhance the Debug class with numerous improvements that can greatly improve readability of the Console view and save a lot of time by enabling more compact debugging code to be used.

This is a plug & play solution; all Debug commands in your classes will automatically switch to using the new and improved versions.


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☑ Clean Console

Stack traces are no longer shown for every entry in the Console list.

This greatly improves readability.

☑ Syntax Highlighting

Your console messages are automatically augmented with

colorful syntax highlighting, improving readability even more.

☑ Automatic Context

The context Object is automatically determined for your messages whenever possible to help with locating message sources.

☑ Channels

Prefix a log message with a tag inside square brackets to tie it to a specific channel, then show/hide all messages from specific channels.

☑ Debug.Log(()=>field)

A new compact syntax can be used to log both the name and value of a field to the console.

☑ Debug.LogState(target)

Easily print the full state of a target to the console.

☑ Debug.LogChanges(()=>field)

Have messages be printed automatically whenever the value of a field changes.

☑ Debug.DisplayOnScreen(()=>field)

Easily display the name and current value of any field on the screen.

☑ Debug.LogToFile(message, path)

Easily output messages into text files instead of the console.

☑ Dev.Log(message)

Just like Debug.Log except all calls are omitted from release builds.

☑ Critical.Log(message)

Useful for important messages you don’t want getting lost in the shuffle; uses a larger font, full stack trace and always gets recorded in a log file.

☑ Personal Channel

Use your personal channel to log messages that are by default omitted from all users except for you.

☑ Highly Customizable​

Thorough customization options allow you to configure everything to fit your team as well as your personal preferences.

☑ Source Code Included​

Comes with a unity package containing full source code and a convenient DLL builder window.

☑ Console+​ Window

As an added freebie bonus you get an augmented Console window with a convenient channel dropdown menu and a lot of other enhancements.



☹ Before:

Debug.Log(nameof(target)+”=”+(target == null ? “null” : target.ToString()), this);

☑ After:


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