You are currently viewing Deadly Ruins – Modular Environment Pack

Deadly Ruins – Modular Environment Pack

Deadly Ruins – Modular Fantasy Asset Pack

Over 130 Prefabs!
100+ Props and Textures!
Interior and Exterior props with destroyed versions!
VR, Mobile Supported!
50 Unique Materials

This pack includes a fully modular collection of highly detailed fantasy interior and exterior castle ruins and grim desert props for your next fantasy landscape!

Designed with a dark fantasy and horror style. This pack was inspired by such games as Darksouls, Warhammer and DOOM. The assets are created to cater to different types of games, from Top-down, First person and VR. The assets are created with an AAA workflow are PBR and highly optimized – collisions included.

Exterior Assets
10 Walls
5 Archways
10 Rubble patches
6 Pillars
5 Trim kits
2 Doorways
5 Large rock formations
6 Large Chains
5Wall Scriptures

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